Lines of action

The Observatory’s functions concentrate on:

Studies, research and actions of promotion and awareness raising in the field of Media Literacy, both on social level as in countries’ international environment.

Situational and progress reports on sociological data and indicators, consistent with different official measuring tools, coming either from the European Union, our UNESCO or any other type of international organisations.

Reports, studies or analysis on population’s necessities in the field of ICT use and connections between the multimedia contents and the media.

By applying the studies and researches, conducted by MILION, it will be possible to develop such social variables, as for example:

  • * Skill improvement in comprehension and critical analysis of media messages and communications.
  • * Increase of the problem solving skills, in the area of media and ICT.
  • * Skill progress creativity and quality production of messages in significant cultural contexts.
  • * Gains in skills related to cooperation, participation in the discussion and citizen mobilization.

Services offered

a) Definition: connections between key aspects in understanding the current situation in Media Literacy

b) Benchmarking: localization of aspects to compare, in order to make it a personalised, valid and practical comparison

c) Indicators: an acceptable scheme of a set of indicators, which allows to get to know the dynamics and the interrelationship between skills, abilities and attitudes typical of the Media Literacy, as well as an effective diagnosis of the situation.

d) Measurement: preparing an operation to measure the above mentioned indicators, by carrying out market researches, adapted to the reality of the project.

e) Reflection: preparing the right environment for discussion and shared vision, with which to compare different alternatives and solutions to a given issue

f) Guidelines: designing and editing strategic plans, which allow to significantly improve the situation in the field of Media Literacy, through different ways of action, actors, areas of application, resources and timescales.

g) Implementation: managing the Technical Office, responsible for conducting and executing the training and progress plans in the field of Media Literacy.

h) Monitoring: supervising different steps of the Media Literacy guidelines realisation process.

i) Evaluation: creating control and quantitative assessment mechanisms, which allow to realise the diagnosis of the situation.

j) Reengineering: performing modular adaptations of certain aspects of existing models of Media Literacy, which will allow a noticeable improvement in its results.

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